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Checks inside and out (Help and Advice)

It might look impressive on the outside, but be unsuitable for you on the inside – and redecorating caravans isn’t easy. Likewise, it might seem nicely laid out and comfy on the inside, yet have hidden problems on the outside. So make sure you remember to check the following before you part with any money: 

Interior checks

  • Walk the length of the caravan and look into all the nooks and crannies to make sure you pick up any faults. Water marks on the carpet under roof lights and windows, for example, are a tell-tale sign of leaking seals. If buying from a dealer, the plumbing and gas fittings will have been thoroughly checked. But when buying privately, make sure you see proof they’ve been checked recently by an approved fitter.
  • Most good dealers will have already carried out a damp check on any used stock so it’s worth asking them for the results before you buy.

Exterior checks

  • Check aluminium panels by standing close to them and looking along the side – it’s easier to spot any dents and scrapes this way.
  • Beware of pinprick holes or bubbles in aluminium panels. The solvents in some glues, which rot the aluminium from the inside, can cause these.
  • Check the stabiliser friction pads are in good order, as replacements can cost around £60 or more.
  • Inspect the seals and the plastic trim, especially on older models. The seals can be replaced easily enough, but may have let in water.
  • Check window seals aren’t perished.
  • Tyres can deteriorate quickly if the caravan is left standing in one position for long periods. They should be changed at least every four years, even if the tread has had little wear, so it pays to ask. If in any doubt, change them anyway.
  • If a caravan mover is fitted, make sure it’s in good working order and that spare parts are easy to get hold of and replace.
  • Look out for shoddy repairs or quick fixes – this could be a sign of poor maintenance, and other problems lurking elsewhere.
  • Don't forget the roof. Oddly, buyers tend to overlook this very important feature! Check the seals around roof lights, and any impact damage from branches, walls or bridges.
  • Make sure any finance on the original purchase has been paid off. If not, the caravan could still be the property of a finance house, and not the seller.